ACT of PA provides advocacy support to families of children with special needs.

Most of the time, parents are able to secure all of the appropriate services their child needs to be successful in the academic setting.  Then there’s that small percentage of time when it’s not so easy; when parents are told “no” by their district, when parents are told “it’s not in the budget” by their district, when they can’t secure an accurate diagnosis for their child’s problem, when they need a second opinion beyond the district’s assessment, when they just don’t even know where to begin and what to ask.

ACT provides:

  • Comprehensive parent and child interviews
  • A case review of your child’s educational records
  • Telephone consults
  • Attendance at IEP and other meetings with parent
  • Assistance in organizing and maintaining history of records

Educating parents about their child’s rights to free and appropriate public education.