ACT of PA provides consulting services to parents to address behavioral challenges of their children.  ACT of PA also provides comprehensive Functional Behavioral Assessments to schools to address behavioral challenges of their students.

For 15 years, Staci McCullough has been providing direct behavioral interventions to children, oversight of bachelor’s and master’s level clinicians, developing and monitoring positive behavioral support plans, conducting Functional Behavioral Assessments, collaborating with multiple systems involved in a child’s care, and transferring skills of behavior modification to caregivers (parents/guardians/teachers).

Staci’s mission is to empower parents to be effective influences in their child’s life. Staci also works collaboratively with schools to help identify challenging behaviors, develop a positive behavioral support plan to modify said behaviors and monitor its implementation by school staff.  Once these behaviors can be accurately identified and addressed, they can be minimized or eliminated so that the student can take full advantage of the learning experience.